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     The "IllusionWeaver" name, motif, concept and all related images are the sole inspiration, creation and property of Bettina McCormick and protected under the Copyright Law of the United States of America. Furthermore, all of the programs listed on my bmc_ungr_readme.txt and bmc_grad_readme.txt pages are copyright protected.

      All "IllusionWeaver" images, logos and graphics are trademarks of Bettina McCormick.


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     While I have created almost all the images and backgrounds on this site, I have received a lot of inspiration and help from others. The following pull-down menu is a list of links to those sites that have proved incidental as well as invaluable in the creation of this site.

This is not the Oscars so if I have forgotten you , I can always add your link to the list! You will also find credit given inside the comments of my code.
More specifically, the images that aARE NOT my creation are:
  • the feather
    This is from the cover of Illusions...the adventures of a reluctant messiah and represents Richard Bach.
  • the Richard Bach photo
    I have put a link to the site where I found this photo on Basically Bach
  • the TV
    I found the TV and the concept from Bertie Cheng's pfoho gotcha page. (unfortunately his site is no longer active)
  • the chair
    a lazyboy catalogue graphic
  • the construction sign
    Hopefully you won't see this gif, but it is the most professional one I have found.
     I have retrofitted and modified "available" javascript from all over - a credit is given in the source code if there was an author listed. Though the majority of it is from CoffeeCup Software.

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