cyber creations

Alas, these sites are no longer available (circa 1990's), but I leave this page for posterity.

  • Treasure Coast Judo - WebMaster -
    Sport Judo is an excellent martial art, athletic option and physical conditioner for the entire family.
    Key Resource This site has received the
    Links2Go Resource Award!
    Find more excellent Judo links!

  • Episcopal Youth Ministry - WebMaster -
    St. Francis Episcopal Church and Trinity Episcopal Church
    - Junior High and Senior High...

  • SteelArrow's Virtual Home - Our Home site -
    An intricate labryinth demonstrating the power of choice:
    HTML and JAVA creative weaves of family,
    friends, photo albums, philosophies, etc...

  • Livingston's Place - This is our blatant advertisement page
    Simple expressions, grounds for experimentation and blatant advertisement. . . - 20 megs of free space baby!!

    Current & Future Projects

  • Association for Computing Machinery - UCF Chapter
    - Various projects
    Fall 1997 - Spring 1998 (Secretary 1997-98)
    Fall 1998 - Spring 1999 (Secretary 1998-99)

  • Basically Bach - All about Richard Bach:
    his life, his books, his universe...